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Un sortiment vast de aproximativ 150 de

modele diferite de saci de aspirator sunt

garantia ca veti gasi de fiecare data modelul

potrivit pentru aspiratorul Dumneavoastra !


Calitatea excelenta datorata straturilor

multiple de fibre furnizeaza un aer curat

si proaspat in urma aspirarii !

Vacuum Cleaner Know-How from A-Z!
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Activated   Carbon filter: Odours remain in the activated carbon filter when they flow through it; particularly recommended for households with pets!

Additional   Properties: The following properties are certified for the carpet stamp: Anti-static properties, under-floor heating, wet rooms, chair casters, stairs.
Blow-out   Filter: Foam absorbs carbon brush abrasion from the vacuum cleaner ventilator Floor vacuum cleaner: Most common vacuum cleaner in Germany; upright or tank form; on casters, wheels or runners; 56% of all vacuum cleaners sold in 1997.

Brush   Vacuum cleaners: Brushes and vacuums in one process; also with beating fixture; 1% Cecil Booth brit. engineer invented the first vacuum cleaner in 1901, the patent of the modern vacuum cleaner.
Carpet   Fibres: A differentiation is made between natural and man-made fibres; natural fibres = plant material 2% (e.g. sisal, coconut) and animal 8% (e.g. wool, silk) man-made fibres: = cellulose 10% (viscose) and synthetic 80% (polyamide, polyacrylic, polypropylene).

Cleaning   Work: The time required for "cleaning work in the home" totals approx. 15 to 25% of the total time required to run a household.

Coding   System: Important feature for the consumer facilitating simple search for vacuum cleaner bag (e.g. determination of appliance type and manufacturer and bag closing fixture).

Combi   Filter: Ensures a healthier room climate thanks to high level of fine dust and small dust particle retention and protects the vacuum cleaner motor by preventing dirt penetration.

Comfort   Value: Signalises the density, height and material of the flora layer of the carpet; 5 levels (simple to prestige).

Cyclone   Principle: Patented system of Dyson vacuum cleaners (Engl.); centrifugal air flow throws dirt particles onto the inner wall of the dust container; without bag.
Delivery   Order: 20% of all vacuum cleaners are still bought directly from the manufacturer via order and payment cards.

Deo-Sticks   Improves and freshens the air blown out of the vacuum cleaner; inserted in bag; available in lavender, lemon and flower aromas.

Dual-circuit   Blowers: Separation of suction air flow and cooling air flow: (by-pass) required when suction air would cross the motor unfiltered and for the suction of liquids.

Durability   Value: Specifies the durability of a carpet; 4-stage scale (slight to extreme).

Dust   Space volume: Differs depending on the vacuum cleaner model; Small vacuum cleaner approx. 0.5 l Floor vacuum cleaner approx. 1.5 - 1.0 l Tank vacuum cleaner; wet-dry cleaners 20 l and more, also see useful volume.

Dust seal   Allows the full bag to be removed hygienically without the dust escaping.
Environmental   Protection: By use of unbleached paper.

European   Carpet association (ETG) issues the carpet stamp for the utility value of a carpet.
Filter   Change indicator: Measurement is made in the vacuum cleaner by means of under-pressure in the bag or by recording the pressure difference between the external and internal bag space in the vacuum cleaner.

Flat   Floor nozzle: Special nozzle with casters on the side and strips of brushes and/or strips of rubber; for tiles, parquet, laminate, PVC etc.
Getting   What you need: Don't let anyone try to sell you the wrong type of vacuum cleaner bag. The right bags in top quality are available from Top Filter/ Fackelmann.

Growth   Market: The floor vacuum cleaner market in Germany grew by 3% in quantity in 1998.
Hand   Vacuum cleaner: Held with a handle; Pole, handle, nozzle, suction pipe directly connected with the appliance (can be released); 13% market share.

HEPA-Filter   High Efficiency Particulate Air-Filter; highly efficient suspended matter filter for persons with allergies.

Hygiene   Seal: different seal types on the vacuum cleaner bag (flap; automatic, pull; rubber seal)
Industrial   Vacuum cleaner: Common name for large volume vacuum cleaner types, mostly with wet-dry function (tank suction). James Dyson company boss and manufacturer of vacuum cleaners with the Cyclone principle.
Joints   Nozzle: Accessories for vacuum cleaners for cleaning joints, corners, cracks etc.

Joke   "Our carpet is so dirty that we should let the man come again to do a vacuum cleaner demonstration!" nach oben
Layers   Vacuum cleaner bags are comprised of special paper and are tuned to the specific vacuum cleaner; depending on the vacuum cleaner's output (wattage) and application possibilities, different papers strengths, also called layers, are required.
Memo   Label: Removable label on vacuum cleaner bag packaging for easy recognition of correct bag type.

Micro   Filter / blow-out filter: Filter for healthier room climate; electrostatic charged core; high level of retention of fine dust and bacteria, pollen, spores, dust mites etc.

Motor   Filter: Prevents dirt penetrating the motor and also ensures an optimum of suction power for the appliance.

Multi-level   Blower: Vacuum cleaner motor with more than one blower wheel for suction power.

Multi-purpose   Vacuum cleaners: Practical suction types in upright or tank form; on casters; market share in FRG: 8%.
Nail   Fleece: Tufted carpets; longitudinal, crosswise, diagonal and non-arranged fibres are mechanical fixed; durability thanks to chemical fixing agent.
Polti   Manufacturer of a vacuum cleaner type which achieves filtering and pick up of dust by means of water instead of a vacuum bag (Legologico) Quality: Vacuum cleaner bags are inspected for their durability against ripping, for their porosity and fit.
Reverse   Side hardness: Necessary measure when manufacturing carpets; made of fabrics, fleece or smooth, compact foam.
Shampooing   Appliance: Special appliance with which cleaning foam is worked into the carpet (also powder cleaning).

Single   Circuit blower in the vacuum cleaner: Suction air is directed over the motor for cooling.

Small   Vacuum cleaner: Hand appliance with plug or batteries; also in 12 V model specially designed for cleaning cars, market share in 1997: 22%.

Spray   Extraction appliance: for wet-dry cleaning: Vacuum cleaner with water tank and pump for cleaning carpets or wet floors.

Steam   Cleaner: Cleans with steam; picks up dirt and damp in a cloth wrapped around the nozzle (without suction function) or as a steam vacuum; market share less than 1%.

Suction   Output: Measures the ratio of the under-pressure and air flow: For vacuum cleaners between approx. 180 and 430 watts.

Supporting   Materials: For tufted carpets especially polypropylene, polyester fleece and polypropylene band fabrics.

Suspended   Matter filter: Made of folded fibre-glass fleece; in the minute particle field (<3 mm) higher filtration as micro filter (i.e. blow-out air must be at least 99.97% dust-free); see also HEPA filter.
Textile   Filter: Application of fibres instead of paper for vacuum cleaning appliance; can be used once or several times.

Textile   Flooring: This includes knotted, woven, needle fleece and tufted carpets; these make up 60% of the total floor space in Germany.

Tufted   Carpets = 60% of all carpets; Thread is "pinned" onto the base material; models: looped, velour, cut loop.
Under-pressure   Working principle of the vacuum cleaner; in an artificially created under-pressure the dust laden air flows in and is filtered before it is blown-out.

Useful   Volume: Actual useful bag volume in accordance with standardised measurement regulations: Optical load display: Signalises how full the vacuum cleaner bag is on some appliances.
Wet-dry   Vacuum cleaner: Multi-purpose cleaner for dirt and liquids; wash suction function has a fixture for non-pressure application of liquids.

Wonderbag   The first vacuum cleaner bag which can be used in all appliances (textile fibres; for one-off use); manufacturer Rowenta.



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